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Night "Elie Has Two Fathers; God and Chlomo"

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In his memoir, Night, author Elie Wiesel recalls his experiences as a young Jewish boy in a Nazi death camp. The narrative begins with Wiesel and his family living in Sighet, Romania, it is here when the plot of the story begins to unfold. It was later when the Jewish people are deported, and the horrifying events of the Holocaust are revealed. Elie starts of as a young, Jewish boy struggling to survive the dehumanizing conditions of the holocaust. Through Elie’s strengthened relationship he has with his father, that enables him to survive.

Elie is a loyal son who through the morals in which he has been taught he would never betray. Especially his father; Chlomo. At the beginning of the memoir it can be seen how Chlomo models himself for Elie. Chlomo is always "concerned with others" which Elie has learnt and ensured that the feelings of those around him were always taken into account. It was this vital lesson, which made sure that Elie would never leave his father, as his respect for others was too high. This can be seen during the first encounter with Doctor Mengle. When Elie was directed to the right during slection he turned to see which way his father was forced to go. "A weight was lifted from my heart" after realizing that Chlomo and Elie were to be kept together.

The aid Elie gives his father shows how the statement is accurate. Elie's love and dedication to Chlomo made him think of his father and not only of himself. Although this was dangerous to Elie's life he always ensured that his father was able to avoid the Nazi's cruelty. The natural role of the father taking care of his son shifted to the opposite role; Elie taking care of Chlomo, throughout Night. Elie saved his father from starvation by surrendering his own rations to his father in an attempt for him to build strength to evade selection.

Although there are times throughout the memoir where Elie admits to thoughts of betraying his father. It was at the concentration camp of...


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