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as everybody know being mature is simple but acting like one is more   difficult
that's way because maturity is based on important things like   self control, wisdom and responsibility.You have to be able to chose and do what is right,to learn from experience,to make sound decisions,to handle stressful problems with a level head and also not to be ruled by passions,desires,wishes or curiosity.From the time children are born, parents must develop in them the ability to say” No to their own desires and yes to their parents”. Children must know that life is not a piece of cake. The child whose will is never subdued when young, comes to believe that he should have what he wants, when he wants it, and should not have to endure anything he does not like.He will grow older thinking he is being deprived whenever he does not get what he wants from life, and by his teen years he will become preoccupied with his rights and know little of personal responsibility. But what about parents? They need to feel that their child grew up, that he's smart enough to act like an adult. In such a way they will have more confidence in him and the relation between them will be armonious and calm. Children have to be more tolerant with their parents, they have to understand that for them it's hard to trust a child that even the most simple decision can not make. The respect and   comunication is very important also. A rebellious child will never gain the parent's support and understanding. If his actions are in direct defiance of parental authority,if he asserts his will againts the will of his parents or resists his parents' efforts to direct his life,he will loose all the respect of their parents and with such a attitude they will never think that their child demonstrates maturity. So think about your actions and behavior because it's very important in your relationship with your parents and also with other people around you and finally it also will build your future.


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