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Justification of Dirk-Jan Van Den Boogaart

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Justification of Dirk-Jan van den Boogaart

Our micro teaching lesson will regard the speaking aspect. We’ve chosen to teach a HAVO 2 class with an English Speaking level of A2 according to CEFR. In general we will focus on speaking English fluently in common situations as in: A bakery, Travel Agency & Job Interview. The main goal of our lesson will be to make pupils aware of certain strategies they could apply when speaking English.

The speaking cards only contain the part of the person to speak. The other half of the conversation has to be improvised. The reason for this is that we want the pupils to improvise and come up with own ideas of how to respond. We think that improvising has a lot to do with applying strategies and therefore a crucial part of our lesson. As soon as you start to improvise you immediately have to come up with certain words and explanations. In order to keep on speaking fluently you have to make sure you don’t struggle with explaining something or thinking of the right words to say, therefore we want to teach the pupils about strategies they could apply while speaking, in order for them to keep on speaking fluently.

In our pre-phase we will briefly introduce the lesson. We’re going to explain what our intentions are and what we expect of the pupils to do. We’re asking the pupils to group up in groups of two or three persons. After that we’re going to hand out a random conversation-situation to each group so that they don’t know what to expect. After that they get a certain amount of time for each pupil to perform the conversation within the group.

In our main-phase we first briefly introduce each strategy so that the pupils know what to do while making the conversation. the pupils are going to perform the conversation themselves among the other group members. In groups of 2 they both perform both sides of the conversation once. In groups of 3 they individually rotate so that each member of the group has at least done both sides...


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