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"Think of Fate as, no matter what you are doing, your doing what you were meant to do" - M.manson0221


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What is a friar?
Evaluating whether an act is right or wrong is a subjective process, based on one's experience and set of morals. Shakespeare tells us that Friar Lawrence hoped to mend the feud between Romeo's and Juliet's families by marrying the young couple. Shakespeare suggests that Friar Lawrence accomplished this, but the outcome proved more tragic than Friar Lawrence imagined. The families were mortified by the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, but at the end of the play, Shakespeare insinuates that the suicides might stop the petty arguments between the families. Did Friar Lawrence want to create such a tragedy? Not likely. Rather he was motivated by his own personal desire to create peace.
The same might be said about Friar Lawrence's giving Juliet the sleeping potion. This was also a good plan gone bad. Yes, his ideas were deceptive, but he weighed the so-called sin of deceit against his hope for a positive outcome. Should he have more carefully calculated the things that might go wrong? Possibly. He might have had a backup plan that could have saved the young lovers, such as making sure that his message was delivered to Romeo explaining that Juliet was not really dead. But this could only be judged as an oversight not as an evil act. In other words, Friar Lawrence's head might not have been in the right place, but his heart was.
the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, the author shows the audience how Fate influences the tragedy of the two young sweethearts - and how everyone in the story fits in to this fateful outcome and plays their part in it. Everyone has a hand in what happens, so it's probably not fair and too simple to say that it is all Friar Laurence's fault and it was it his plan alone that caused their tragic end. Coincidences also (fateful coincidences perhaps, such as those where a letter is late or misdelivered, or the unfortunate timing of another suitor) play a part. Romeo and Juliet already had their minds firmly made up when...


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