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Crimal Justice

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I completely and 100 percent agree with everything that the article says and its deeper meaning.   Personally, I have always thought to myself while watching “Law and Order”, what would happen if someone during the eyewitness accounts really didn’t know who the culprit was.   If he or she made a mistake in choosing who did the crime.   At this point these people could be sending innocent people into jail for a crime that they did not commit or might have not even been there.

There has to be many of these cases too.   We don’t always heard of any mistakes in the criminal justice system because after a verdict is committed not many lawyers or police agents look at the case again until something similar to the case occurs.   The case, once a verdict is said, is put away for later use.   But not many times is this case opened again.

      Eyewitness accounts are usually taken for a 100 percent accurate system of getting a criminal.   All my days of watching “Law and Order” have showed me that once a person has said that you were at the scene of a crime you are put a prime suspect and are placed in court as a criminal.   This is majorly and morally unfair and unjust.   What occurs occasionally is that the people that are on the witness stand have much pressure on top of them and they lose sight of the things that occurred during the crime.   Which leads to innocent people being placed on trail, for something that they might not have even been involved in.

      Just as it was shown in the article, once more evidence is found the suspect that was thought to be the actual criminal might not be the actual criminal.   This leaves the actual criminal out there in the real world capable of hurting someone else.

      In my opinion I don’t believe anyone should be fully trailed just on an eyewitness account.   Since these might be a mistake.   But I do believe if you are see at the time of the crime and near the crime scene you should be detained for several hours, since you...


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