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Why You Shouldn’t Horseplay
  Horseplaying can be a violent, hurtful, and dreadful action. You could push someone, kick them, or just hurt them. You may be playing but you may not realize that you are hurting them. They may be playing to and hurt you, then they’re the one horseplaying.
  My problem was with me and one of my friends, Victoria. We were playing and I got too rough. When I pushed her, playfully, I didn’t realize I hurt her. I learned that I shouldn’t get to rough while playing around. I also learned that I should keep my hands to myself even when I’m mad. I learned this when I slapped my friend Cole when all he was doing was telling me he saw me at church. I was just mad and I didn’t want anyone talking to me. It was wrong and I knew better.
  In the future I’m going to try avoiding hurting people, even when I’m mad and I want them to leave me alone. When I want to hit someone I’m going to either pray to God for help, count to ten, slowly, or I’m going to picture the person as a newborn. But I really don’t want to hurt anyone I just feel like I have the power to make them do anything I want them to, but I don’t.
  I’m also going to try following suggestions. Like when your mom or dad says something to you that starts with “I suggest.”Well when my parents tell me that I need to bring my grades up, clean my room, do chores, or anything like that begins with “I suggest” and ends with a consequence I’m going to do it then!
    So when your parents ask you to do something you should do it. When you’re mad and you want to hit something, pray to God for help. Or when you are horesplaying keep your hands and feet and all other objects and if the game requires some touching don’t get to rough.


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