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Revolution through Literature
Sonia Sanchez is a strong character who made an impact and continues to with her aggressive approach on her poetry. With her unique style, Sonia is able to clearly make an impact in her poems such as "Towhomitmayconcern". Sonia's background and ideologies influence her style and technique throughout her poem, "Towhomitmayconern".
Sonia had a rough background which helped her become the skilled author and poet she is today. A year after Sonia was born, "her mother died" and later, Sonia "married and divorced" Albert Sanchez as well as Etheridge Knight (Academy of America Poets 1). Through these years, Sonia is able to gain independence which makes her a stronger person and, in essence, a stronger poet. After the death of her mother, Sonia moves around and lives with “other relatives for several years” until she settles in Harlem (Academy of America Poets 1). The death affected Sonia’s early life which affects the rest of her future. Because of her relocation to Harlem, Sonia is able to observe the political movement which will sculpt the person she is. Sonia’s early life allows her to be free of restrictions and learn about other ideologies which are emphasized throughout her poetry.
Sonia’s ideologies are very unique and play a key role in her poetic style. Through Sonia’s studies in “political science”, she becomes a fighter for “women’s liberation, peace, and racial justice” (Academy of America Poets 1, American International Speakers Bureau 1).   Sonia is able to break the stereotype and further her education which allows her to become the political author she is. The Afro centric, feminist, and lastly, humanitarian perspective of her works allow her works to have many universal themes especially for the oppressed she is fighting for.   Her ideologies are bleed through into her poetry and this causes her own “spiritual link between art and politics” (MrAfrica@AfroPoets.Net 1). The deepest way in which Sonia conveys her believes...


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