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Great People of Pakistan

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  Waking up early in the morning, struggling for survival, working like an animal in the hot scorching sun, running here and there to make some money for the survival of themselves and their families and some of them ending up on the streets of Pakistan make them achieve the title of ‘ The great people of   Pakistan’. The upper class people who have offices to work in – safe from the singeing sun, who have air conditioners to keep themselves aplomb in summers and heaters to keep them warm in winters are no more than just ordinary people. They might be big in their rank but not big in their struggle. The labour class which makes over 60% of Pakistan’s population are the people with true rank. Their struggle is enormous.These labourers have extra ordinary abilities. They work all day long but earn just enough to feed themselves.
  More amazingly even handicapped people have great talents. I saw on television that a labourer in Pakistan was deprived of his hands. He used to work with his feet and used to make amazing pots. I was flummoxed to see wonderful work. The greatness of these labourers can be acknowledged by this fact. Furthermore exquisite embroideries and pot making is done by these people for which they are famous all around the world.
  Farmers and street hawkers which work all day with arduous effort even fall under the category of the ‘Great people of Pakistan’. If pests etc attack a farmer’s crop, his whole strenuous task is spiflicated but still they manage to survive despite all these put downs. Moreover, the street hawkers have to move all day in the searing sun in different streets in order to earn money. Moving from street to street in such high temperatures is not an easy task to do.
  It should be known to all that we salute these ‘Great people’ and we appreciate their hard work. Even these people contribute greatly towards the prosperity of Pakistan.


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