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Assess the Reasons Why Fidel Castro Was Able to Gain Power in 1959

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After almost five and a half years of guerrilla warfare, Fidel Castro finally seized power of Cuba on January 1st, 1959; which in turn led to the Cuban Revolution. This take over was the result of many causes such as the social, economic, military, religious and political conditions that existed in Cuba at the time. Causes like inequality amongst the classes, dependence upon America and their control over Cuba, the issues surrounding the Cuban military who killed anyone that wanted change, Fidel's strong vision, and most significantly, Fulgencio Batista's largely unpopular military dictatorship were just a few of the reasons as to why Fidel Castro was able to take control of his land. Without Fidel's leadership, many historians believe that one of the most divisive revolutions in history would never have happened, and Cuba would still be in a similar position today.

The state of Cuba's social matters during this radical time was a prime contributor to Fidel's chances of gaining power, due to the support he had from the lower and middle classes of Cuba. Like most countries emerging from colonial rule, Cuba had an entrenched class system, defined by their economic stature. The upper-class consisted of the rich, (owners of businesses, plantations and politicians); the lower-class consisted of the poor, (field and factory workers); the middle-classes, (professionals, army officers and government workers).
Lower and middle class intellectuals were unhappy with their social and economic position and their inability to breach the political power that was held by the upper-class. A good education was virtually the only way an individual could hope to improve their social and economic position. Paradoxically, the nature of the Cuban economy often forced newly trained, middle-class professionals to settle for occupations far below the levels for which they were qualified. This under-employment was a constant source of frustration for individuals so afflicted; it not...


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