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Working and Studying: Is It Good?

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In some countries, like Brazil, teenagers have jobs while they are still students.

Well, I have a job and I am a student, but I am not a teenager. So, I think I am able to say

that having a job while being a student is not a good idea.

One reason for us to don’t mix work with study is the lack of time that we acquire

when we do both things. We don’t have time enough to dedicate to our student’s duties and

when we have a free time our head is far from studying, we just want to have some rest.

For having no time to dedicate to the studies, we become bad students.

Another reason for us to don’t mix work with study is the concerns about our job.

Sometimes we have a lot of work to do and we must take a specific time to finish it. This

kind of thing blocks our thoughts. Whatever we are doing we will remember the unfinished

job and lost our concentration. Because our job may be hard, our concentration on the

studies is compromised.

I showed above some reasons that illustrate my idea about somebody to have a job

while she/he is still a student. Indeed, this is an awfull choice. The concentration and

dedication that a student needs almost doesn’t exist because of the work. There are those

students who really need the job, but this is another subject to discuss.


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