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Teens Treated Un Fair

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“16 and Pregnant? I’m not surprised.” “Of course she got that grade, I mean look at the way she looks, she’s dumb and black.” “I don’t want to follow through with this, because I know they will just look down upon me.” “Of course she got the job; she just looks like she would be better for it regardless of education” All these statements are made by ones who are older amongst the teens of my generation and some by teens of my own generation; society claims that we are the best generation and we have the best technology to helps us make the world a better place and grow. But then why do you sit and go against us and treat us unfairly? I believe that a great contribution to the unfairness to teens has to do with tradition. Things now and back in the days are completely different, The way people go about doing things has changed and just because we may approach a situation in a different matter we are suddenly labeled as being disorderly, disobedient, and defiant. Society perceives us as being incapable of accomplishing many things. I believe that it is wrong for society to say that on whole teenagers are bad because not all teens are the same, some teens may be proving society right while others may be fighting hard to live above it. Society blames us for being trouble markers and for causing a rise in crime, and along the way they also bash us for not taking education seriously. Our generation currently has a higher rate of college acceptance than in the past, and crime has actually gone down since the past 20 years. Our generation faces the greatest pressure to get into college and succeed in life, while adults are all messing the world up with their endless conflicts and other stuff. Teen pregnancy, jobs, tendentious views, lack of confidence and being prejudice are only a few aspects in where teens are being treated unfairly. We are misguided and misunderstood and simply in search of acceptance. In this paper some of the aspects that are affecting teens will be...


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