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Educational Process

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Nguyen 1
Amanda Nguyen
Mr. Lim
English 3CP
4 May 2011

Nick's Educational Process
In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway learns restraint from excessive desire. He represents all that is good and wholesome in the Midwest. Nick aspires to be a bond broker and moves to the West Egg. He undergoes change during his time in the East. His simple values from the Midwest are battling the desires of the East and are losing. Luckily, he regains them in a learning experience that shapes his perception of the world by being surrounded by Daisy, Tom, Jordan, and his mysterious neighbor Gatsby.
Though Nick is sometimes subdued by the other characters, is never unsure of his actions. Nick never confronts Gatsby about his ethical values. Nick's passiveness in dealing with situations such as one, proves him dishonest. Nick realizes he could've prevented a lot of chaos if he spoke up. This resulted in immoralities and extreme chaos.
Nick overlooks the wrong Gatsby shows through his occupation of bootlegging and association with Meyer Wolfsheim, a man rumored to have fixed the World Series in 1919. Yet he judges Jordan Baker for cheating in a golf game. Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you cannot blame too deeply, I was
Nguyen 2
casually sorry, and then I forgot". He leaves Jordan, who then accuses him of being dishonest. In fact, when he meets Tom on the street, he does not his hands and is unable to conjure up the truth, and quietly leaves them behind "in the dust". casually sorry, and then I forgot". He leaves Jordan, who then accuses him of being dishonest. When he sees Tom around the street, he does not shake his hand and is unable to speak up about the truth, and quietly leaves him and Daisy behind "in the dust".
He is also aggravated by the coldness of the people who do not care unwillingly to the funeral. Out of all the people who attend the parties, four attend the funeral. . After breaking up with Jordan,...


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