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Why should you never mention the number 288 in front of anyone? [pic]Because it is too gross (2 x 144 - two gross).
  1. Which weighs more?  A pound of iron or a pound of feathers? [pic]Both weigh the same.
  2. How is the moon like a dollar? [pic]They both have 4 quarters.
  3. What is alive and has only 1 foot? [pic]A leg.
  4. When do giraffes have 8 feet? [pic]When there's two of them.
  5. How many eggs can you put in an empty basket? [pic]Only one, after that the basket is not empty.
  6.  What coin doubles in value when half is deducted? [pic]A half dollar.
  7. What is the difference between a new penny and an old quarter? [pic]24 cents.
  8. If you can buy eight eggs for 26 cents, how many can you buy for a cent and a quarter? [pic]8.
  9. Where can you buy a ruler that is 3 feet long? [pic]At a yard sale.
  10. If there were 9 cats on a bridge and one jumped over the edge, how many would be left? [pic]None - they are copycats.
  11. If you take three apples from five apples, how many do you have? [pic]You have three apples.
  1. [pic][pic]What has 4 legs and only 1 foot? [pic]A bed.
  2. How many times can you subtract 6 from 30? [pic]Once; after that it is no longer 30 (Don't try this in a test!)
  3. If one nickel is worth five cents, how much is half of one half of a nickel worth? [pic]$0.0125
  4. How many 9's between 1 and 100? [pic]20.
  5. Which is more valuable - one pound of $10 gold coins or half a pound of $20 gold coins? [pic]One pound is twice of half pound.
  6. It happens once in a minute, twice in a week, and once in a year. What is it? [pic]The letter 'e'.
  7. How can half of 12 be 7? [pic]Cut XII into two halves horizontally. You get VII on the top half.
  8. When things go wrong, what can you always count on? [pic]Your fingers.
  9. Why are diapers like 100 dollar bills? [pic]They need to be changed.
  10. A street that is 40 yards long has a tree every 10 yards on both sides. How many...


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