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Voice of Democracy

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“  I'm closer to the future than I was yesterday. The highway of the future is in each break of day. I frame my future by the decisions I make. I encounter the future if diligent steps I take. Plans for the future I made in the past. Today I face the future yet it won't last. Depending on the future is so inefficient. Because the so-called future is vague and transient! You'll live well in the future if the present is well lived! “ Robert Reuben’s ideas were logically expressed in this poem. Todays present is tomorrow’s future, everything done in our generation will depict the lifestyle of future generations. It is our vocation as American teenagers to take initiative, and pursue the lifestyle we desire for the future now, therefore we are able to take an advantage on the far approaching government, education, and unemployment.
Undoubtedly government is the architecture of a country; it involves political direction and control exercised over the actions of citizens in the country. Currently our government faces dilemmas such as diminishing agriculture economy, poor healthcare system, lack of innovation in our education system, inefficient public distribution system, terrorist threats, and national security, all of which our political leaders offer little to no insight on. Our leaders who promise to change our lives overnight have failed us numerous times. It brings the question can government change? Well I believe it can, and it starts with our generation because what we do in the moment will have a lasting impact on what happens in the future. Every American citizen has the right to attempt change, let’s start building on a better government here, now, and forever on.
Generally speaking education has been greatly reformed over the past few decades. With this being said there is still ample room for change in the way individuals are exposed to information. If our education system wants excellence, they must provide a better environment for education,...


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