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Do You Think Companies Should Allow Their Employees to Use Work Computers for Their Own Purposes?

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There are countless problems at the workplace. One of the main issues which people always pay attention to is employees using company's computers or equipment for their personal use. In my own opinion, employers should not allow their employees to do like this way. Let me state some reasons for my own ideas.

Nowadays, employees trend to use company's computers or equipments for their personal use like chatting with friends, using internet to search something, or steal stamps which are belong to the company, etc. Chatting with friends online or doing something else at working time might influence one's work. They will enjoy the conversations and will not be able to focus on what they are doing. In some cases, they will probably make big mistakes which they are unable to handle with. A workplace is the place that people have to work because they are getting salaries from the company every month. Using company's computer for personal use is not a good idea. However, there are some especial cases. For instance, when you suddenly receive a phone call which announces you that a member of your family is getting sick, and you have to rush to the hospital immediately. Therefore, you have to use the company's internet to search where the hospital is located at lease. In this case, I think using internet when working should be allowed because it is an emergency case. One thing for sure is that the company will never blame for that.

Not only using computers at the office is the problem, using company's equipment or anything is also the hot issue. There is no appropriate reason for anyone to use the company's stamps or envelops or something else for personal use. Although those things don't cost too much, but you are not the one who has the right to use them because those things are not belong to you. If you think it is reasonable to use the company's equipment, it sounds like there is no problem when you go to your friend's house, open the fridge and eat whatever you...


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