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The Importance of Good Education

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The importance of good education
  Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. Education opens the door of brilliant career opportunities. It fetches better prospects in career and growth. Every employer of today requires his prospective employees to be well educated. He requires expertise. So, education becomes an eligibility criterion for employment into any sector of the industry. We are rewarded for exercising the expertise required for the field we venture.         Education is essential as it paves the path leading to disillusionment. It wipes out all the wrong beliefs in our minds. It helps create a clear picture of everything around us and we no more remain in confusion about the things we learn. Education brings up questions and also devises ways to find satisfactory answers to them. It is education that builds in every individual, a confidence to take decisions, to face life and to accept successes and failures. It instills a sense of pride about the knowledge one has and prepares him/her for life!
      The first thing that strikes me about education is knowledge gain. People debate over the subject of whether everyone can get an access to good education. In fact, there are many serious problems which do not allow to realize the possibility to have access to good education. Obviously, one of them - material question. It is popularly believed that the present cost for education has been rising higher and higher. Needless to say, not everyone has this possibility to pay such amount of money. People‚Äôs salary does not allow even to feed and to buy necessary things for life.
    Indeed, big cities have schools and universities, however in village there is a great lack of such institutions. People from far villages have to go very far to bring children to school, and it occupies many forces, time and money. The state should give all conditions for education, however a very few people do worry...


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