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The 1920's

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The 1920′s were a decade of enjoyment, employment, and for some disappointment. It was a decade classified as the “roaring twenties.” Man returning from World War I had to deal with unemployment, while  wheat farmers and oil companies were striking it rich. New modern conveniences were being thought up, and fashion was a major issue among the rich.
During the twenties the economy had a definite impact on the society. It benefited some, but mostly hurt others. The people that benefited were the prairie farmers and the oil companies. The people who didn’t benefit were American soldiers returning from WW1. Around the middle of the twenties, a wheat farmer was the person to be. Business was booming for all the wheat farmers. Farmers began making more money than ever before, and they started buying farm machinery to take place of their cattle and horses. Prices of wheat were at an all time high, which gave America’s wheat industry an even bigger advantage and a bigger form of money making in our economy. American soldiers on the other hand who had returned from war were expecting to be employed when they returned, but not even after fighting for their country could they get a job. It was very hard to get a job because women and immigrants had taken the places of the soldiers all during the war. American soldiers were surprised at how difficult it was to get a job. While they were out fighting in WW1, people who had business relating to military were striking it rich because of all the military equipment that was needed for the American army, to supply the soldiers who were fighting in the war.

Entertainment in the Twenties consisted of many famous people, it was in the twenties when a man by the name of Charlie Chaplain who was known for his “tramp” look, dominated the silent movie business. He was considered one of the most talented actors of the 20’s. Also during the 20’s radio was the popular for of listening to music and listening to the news. In the later...


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