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Catch Me If You Can

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Film Summary
The film, “Catch Me If You Can,” begins in New York during the sixties. The story is set in motion when Frank Abagnale Sr. is denied for a loan due to problems with the IRS and tax Fraud that he committed. Frank Abagnale Sr., wife Paula, and son Frank Abagnale JR. leave their home because they are unable to afford it and move to an undersized apartment.   During this time, Paula has an affair with one of Frank Abagnale Sr.’s friends. Due to the affair and financial problems, Frank Abagnale Sr. and Paula divorce. Frank Abagnale Jr. is upset with situation involving his parents. He is distraught with the decision of choosing between his parent and he decides to run away from home.
When Frank Abagnale Jr. begins to run out of cash and he begins to commit check fraud for money. Frank Abagnale Jr.’s cons become more impressive and daring. He begins falsifying payroll checks from airlines and collects millions of dollars in the process. In order not to avoid incarceration, Frank Abagnale begins to move continuously and begins changing his name.
In spite of this, an FBI bank fraud agent, Carl Hanratty, begins to trail Frank Abagnale due to suspicion. Nevertheless, Frank is sharp enough to evade Carl Hanratty. Frank Abagnale tells Carl that his real name is Barry Allen and impersonates a secret service agent. Carl Hanratty feels idiotic for being out smarted by Frank. He tells Frank that he will soon catch up with him. Before long, Carl realizes that Frank is possibly a teenager using the name Barry Allen, which comes from a comic book called Flash.
Meanwhile, while Frank is in the process of still committing fraud he falls in love with a girl named Brenda. Frank acknowledges his unlawful activities to Brenda and asks her to run away with him to get married. They prepare a plan to meet at the Miami International airport and runaway together. However, when Frank arrives at the airport he becomes aware that there is a trap and when he notices FBI agents....


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