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Co2 Environmental Fear Mongering

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History is watching you "Fear Mongering Enviro-Neocons of CO2 EnvironMENTALism":
If there were real consequences for condemning billions of children to death wrongly, would you remaining climate change believers, news editors, lab coat consultants and pandering politicians, still be shooting your mouths off so flippantly? And there isn’t a believer among you that would seriously vote yes to taxing the air to make the weather colder and look your kids straight in the eyes and tell them they are doomed. Catastrophic climate change was virtually a comet hit of an emergency yet Obama didn’t even mention the crisis in his state of the union address and was silent along with the scientists when American IPCC/UN climate research grants were all pulled. It’s clear to this former believer that the science was exaggerated, exploited and as we can see now, unsustainable in voter support. The new denier is anyone who still thinks most people are still supports and believers and willing to sacrifice climate mitigation actions. Not believing in climate change (as apposed to pollution), still addresses the important issues of energy conservation, waste and population and as a former believer I’m happy this crisis of unstoppable warming was avoided. Why would I have wanted this misery to happen to my kids and or their kids? From NPR: “According to the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's] projections, such a path ... would mean around a 50% chance of a rise in global average temperature of more than 4C by 2021”.

“50%” isn’t good enough for this parent, progressive and planet lover.

Remove the CO2 and continue anew, but this time with courage, not fear of the unknown like sheep. We are supposed to be progressives not obedient clones.


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