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Throughout many layers of time, good and evil have been perceived in various ways.   Augustine saw evil as the mere absence of good.   In the article written by Spade, he interprets Augustine’s opinions by talking about Augustine’s views on good and evil.   The article goes on to talk about specific ways things should fall into place.   Augustine believes that when “things” follow the hierarchy (God, Angels, good people, wicked people etc.) then it is good; it is correct.   When free will allows material objects to rule over a person, then the hierarchy becomes mixed up and therefore is evil.   However, as time changes, so do ideas.   Today, good is individuality as it is expressed through religion, freedom of speech and free will.
Religion for many is the base of their entire life.   They show individuality through the practice of different religions and activities.   People escaped persecution and fled to other countries to settle with their families and live in peace.   Good is developed when people can practice their beliefs without the influence of other religions and the feeling that one can be free to worship their God.   A perfect example of freedom of speech is America itself.   People come from all over the world to live here in America.   Good has been put into the form of America.   This country allows people to come and pursue their own desires and practice their own faith.   When cultures have been forced into certain practices and ways of life, there is no escaping from it.   America has allowed people to come here and be free of persecution and lack of individuality.   The pilgrims came to America to escape religious persecution; they wanted to start a new life in a new land.   The bravery that it must have taken is unbelievable.   They relied solely on their God and faith to get them through their struggles.   For most, religion in America isn’t our base of life, like many other countries, so immigrants and U.S citizens are allowed to practice what they choose and...


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