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My Senior Statement

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“Life Is a Never Ending Soccer Game”
                                                  - Christiano Ronaldo

Life. Interesting in many ways, full of ups and downs,   goals and expulsions. I see my life simply as a never ending soccer game, I like to compare all the rules and the consequences, as well as the celebrations to events and happenings in my life.   The only way of ending the game is by winning, in life terms it would be by ending up successful, once you have reached that goal then you retire from the game with you’re life achievement trophy, but until then, you have too keep on running, attacking, and defending yourself from the obstacles life brings to you, year by year its just a step closer to were you want to be in life. It won’t be easy but the harder it is for you to be successful the more you will enjoy life and appreciate everything you have when you’re at the top, its all just part of the plan, the plan to a successful future.

      It’s taken me a while to learn this. Early in high school I wouldn’t take much seriousness in my classes, which resulted in sarb program and eventually at valley vista high school. Being here hasn’t been all that bad , but it got better. I’ve accomplished a lot here in my personal aspect, I’m certainly not the best student, but definitely not the worst either, and I take personal pride in that, But overall it has been a wonderful experience.

      My plans for the future are of course to stay in school and one day be an orthodontists,   if all goes right by the age of 29 I should be starting to live my dream, but until then I must apply the much knowledge that Valley has given me on the rest of the obstacles that life has planned for me to go through, I want to thank every single person that was involved in my life through out my high school years because little or a lot they all had something to do with my formation, special shout out to my parents who have always been their for their imperfect child....


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