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Vector Resultant

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  I. To understand the concept of vector resultant.
  II. To clarify the concept between mass and weight.
  III. To investigate the static equilibrium condition.

A vector board, there mass carries, 50g slotted mass x 6 , a spring balance, some inextensible string, a retort stand with clamp.
  I.   A vector board is clamped horizontally on a retort stand.
  II. The height of the vector board is adjusted such that you can easily read the marking on it.
  III. The spring balance is calibrated to eliminate the zero error, if any.
  IV. With refer to Table 1, the configuration of mass is hanged through the designated holes with string.
  V. The spring balance is attached to the string and try to balance the system with the knot of string being placed at the centre of the circle, as shown in Figure 1.
  VI. The angles of the strings with refer to the zero degree and the reading of spring balance is recorded in Table 1.

Table 1 : Configuratio9n of masses and experiment date.

Case 1Mc= 100gMd= 100gF= 1.8NΘc= 24oΘd= 24oΘF= 0o | Case 4Ma= 150gMe= 150gF= 3.0NΘa= 90oΘe= 90oΘF= 48o |
Case 2Mc= 100gMe= 200gF= 2.5NΘc= 24oΘe= 90oΘF= 54o | Case 5Mc= 150gMd= 150gMe= 150gF= 4.2NΘc= 24.5oΘd= 23.5oΘe= 90oΘF= 44o |
Case 3Mb= 150gMd= 200gF= 2.8NΘb= 90oΘd= 24oΘF= 21o | Case 6Ma= 150gF= 1.5NΘa= 0oΘF= sfs asdf sxzdfd w sdfxvc sae fdgf dt df dzxgt ergf dzfvxz fgesr tdzrg edzrg dzgxrg dzfgvd fgd gdxfh rsgxdgbfh dhfrsth srh dxhvb xchxdh srh xfgfgh xfh fx xfgh fgh xfgh xfh df fdghfxgh fdhfxh


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