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A Polished Appearance Gives a Sense of Emotional and Physical Well-Being

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A Polished Appearance Gives a Sense of Emotional and Physical Well-being

The question of well-being is very important nowadays, as many people literally fight their way to beauty. The goal of this competition with others and sometimes only with themselves is to be the best, to look better than others do and to get the most out of everything whereas the main weapon they use is their appearance.

Many women every day read a wide range of beauty magazine articles so that they plan their further actions, there are even web-sites devoted to a polished appearance, one of them has actually a ‘guide to achieving a polished appearance’. Women from all over the world can find guidance and support there. According to them a young girl should follow simple rules in six main areas they are suggesting, which are: skin, hair, teeth, make-up, clothing and the last but not the least presence. Thus, keeping your head up, shoulders back and stomach tight you stand taller, or making eye contact with people you make an impression of a confident and intelligent person and finally smiling which brightens up your face and makes other people realize that you are a happy, friendly and nice woman.

A lot of people tend to think that a diet or a professional make-up is not enough and that sport is much more important. Considering that millions of people who care about their appearance and health go in for sports: a serious kind or just joining the gym, they try to be fit so as they feel physically well.

However, all these things that you do make you feel good about yourself, and as a consequence, your mood changes and influences your behavior. But also you feel important, interesting and you see the reaction of people who also notice that.
Appearance is all about your look but the real beauty is something that is inside. It is not always about the type of your make up or your hair style or the length of your skirt. As a matter of fact, it is not our look that makes us better or...


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