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Boombing of Hiroshima

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Isaac Cobbinah
The bombing of Hiroshima was a big turning point in World War 2. In fact it basically ended the war. After Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and their refusal of surrendering, many people felt that bombing HIroshima was necessary. I agree that bombing Hiroshima was very necessary in ending the World War 2.

Furthermore, In my opinion, bombing Hiroshima prevented many losses of life in what could have ended in a worst situation like an invasion. In the documentary article The Atlantic Monthly/ December 1946 If The Atomic Bomb Had Not Been Used, by Karl T. Compton, the author also belived that "the use of the atomic bomb saved hundreds of thousands perhaps saved millions of live both Americans and Japanese". Without the Atomic bomb, I think the war would have continued for some months.The longer the war was going to to take, the increase in lost of lives.

Moreover, I also agree that bombing Hiroshima was a good was of the United States showing dominants. I also agree that it was a good way in getting revenge because of what happened in Pearl Harbor. It was a way of showing the world and punishing Japan for what happens when someone messes with the United States. As a result of what the Japanese has done many lives of families was devastated because of the attack. Though there is no document to support my opinion, many people belived that the United States would have looked weak if they hadn't done anything. Showing weakness during a time of war was not a good thing because you could have been attacked by other nations.


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