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Women Reservation

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women reservation -- a curse or a blessing
For ages, no matter to which nation they belong, women in general have been suffering from agony, distress, discrimination, apathy. The tormentor turns out to no one but their own family, friends and fellow humans. Every nation has a sordid story of women discrimination behind it. No doubt, the position and status of the women of today has imporved quite significantly, however, women continue to suffer in general even now. One example is my own INDIA.
Being a woman and that too an Indian woman, I have been brought up in an evironment where women are treated second-class. However, I am lucky that I was an exception to this maltreatment. My parents raised me with dignity, love, affection and I enjoy all the fruits of my parents hardwork, love and care as much as my brother. Still, everyone or every woman in INDIA is not as lucky. There are women in this country who have not seen light at the other side of the corner. There are unfortunate women who have not stepped out of the confines of their homes, or have not been allowed to step out of their homes, their life is a life of agony, mistrust, depravity, and only loyalty to their family. The outside world is a stranger to them, as much as a foreign land. Yes, this is very true, if you go deep into my INDIA, you will find such glaring examples of discrimination against women. Where women are meant to be an item of decoration, child-bearing machine.There are a few temples in S outh India where women are denied entry. Can you imagine? Woman is that creation of GOD who is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, and a companion you can easily bank upon. There is so much dicrimination prevalent that few women are forced to die young, few are killed in their mother's womb, few confined to their homes, and few are forced to sell their skin to earn bread for their family. Female infanticide cases are highest in India-- a place that once worshipped its women as Goddesses. A woman...


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