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An Analysis of Fanny’s Image

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An analysis of Fanny’s image
    Fanny is the heroine of Mansfield Park written by Jane Austen who transformed the eighteenth-century novel into a work of art. She was a very important writer in the history of English literature. “She is said to have the equal name as Sir Walter Scott ” (Duckworth, 1971: 23), who was an early admirer of Austen and praised her: “That young lady has a talent for describing the involvements and feelings and characters of ordinary life which is to me the most wonderful I ever met with”(Liu, 2008: 309).
Mansfield Park still depicts the everyday life of middle-class in the village families which Jane Austen was so familiar with. It shapes a lovely couple of young man and woman and describes the transformation of the heroine’s status. At the beginning, Fanny is a “Cinderella”, and she is always neglected by the park. She has kind and noble character all the time and finally the people around her realize that. Then she begins to step into people’s vision, and she gets married with Edmund Bertram, the boy she is always loving. Eventually, she becomes the hostess of Mansfield Park.
    At first Fanny appears as a Cinderella’s status. Because she is born in a poor family, her family has no finance ability to bring her up. So she is sent to Mansfield Park and adopted by Sir Thomas Bertram. After the arrive of uncle’s house, she suffers the cold treatment from people around her except Edmund Bertram, the second son of Sir Thomas Bertram. At the beginning, her performances are very scared. By contrast with the old days lived with her brothers and sisters, she feels just lonely and afraid in Mansfield, such as the silence of Mrs Bertram makes her nervous, the gloomy face of Mr Bertram makes her scared, the warning of Mrs Norris makes her flurried, the discussions of cousins behind her makes her shameful, Ms Li blames her because she know nothing, maidservants laugh at her shabby clothes. The cry of little Fanny is found by kind and honest...


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