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Macdonald’s 24/7

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MacDonald’s 24/7

Assignment a

From: Natacha Tommerup Jensen
To: The marketing manager for Burger King
Date: 9 September 2008
Re.: Future Burger King

I have observed the eating habits in the US, and the result of that is, people are addicted to MacDonald’s and other fast food chains, because people today don’t have the time to make the family breakfast, lunch or even dinner. For example, when a truck driver gets hungry it’s easy to stop by MacDonald’s and get some junk, the youngsters after they have been parting during the night MacDonald’s is still open, when the mother takes her kid to kindergarten in the morning, after she drops the kid off she goes to the nearest drive in and gets her daily coffee and some breakfast. It’s cheap and quick, which is very important because she has to go to work after.

This is very normal habits for the American population. But the biggest and most used habit is to eat breakfast at the MacDonald’s, in the morning 90 cars goes through the drive in every hour. They get something easy to eat well they drive for work. And people are very satisfied because it is very effective. Actually MacDonald’s sell most of there foods in the morning, they sell 30 % in the morning, 24 % at lunch, 15 % in the afternoon, 15 % around midnight and 16 % in the nights.

I also have observed MacDonald’s and some of the others fast-food chains, recent changes.
MacDonald’s is defiantly the restaurant which has reached most successfully changes, through a couple years.

First of all, they have been able to do a lot of product development, like making it easier for people to get all kind of food for the family. So they can buy all at once. They have also made some food which is wrapped up, which make it even easier eating it while you are driving.

Another issue is they have a lot focus on designing the restaurants. They want MacDonald’s to get even better and decorate the restaurants in a modern way, with flat screen TVs, divide the...


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