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The Media

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The media:

Today the effects and influences international media brings to local cultures and customs are quite diversified. We now understand the important effects of international media on local cultures and tradition more than ever before. Yet we are still unable to decide whether positive effects (booming local cultures) international media or telecommunicating brings to us are over passed or over- ridded the negative effects (creating conflicts ) or not.
Research, relating to evidence-based studying, has highlighted how significant influences and effects international media carries out can promote the local cultures. For instance, well-equipped international media definitely give a great push to the local culture development; it largely boosts the public awareness of cultural sensation and constantly promotes the separation of local custom in a great deal. But whether those positive effects and promotion are able to develop and continue successfully surely depends on whether the local culture and customs allow such development functioning smoothly. It seems that (it is to say that ) the conflicts , regarding to cultural confliction creating by the modern changing and transforming, sometimes also play an dominant role and it might hinder or impede the positive ways international media carry. In fact, there seems to be plenty of research finding to confirm this.
My own view is that there is no one major positive influences or negative influences on local cultures or traditions. Instead, the merit perspectives and demerit perspectives the international media brings to local culture are constantly interacting and co-existing. It is the interaction of the both advances the development of local culture and shapes the unique local culture a lot.
In short, I do not believe that either bright sides or black sides the international media carries out to us are major influence on local culture. But both have powerful effects and how they are interacting and...


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