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Significance of Good Manners

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Significance of good manners in modern society. |
Good manners |
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9/5/2011 |

he Irish novelist Lawrence Sterne once said, “To have respect for ourselves guides our morals; and to have deference for others governs our manners”. it is TRUE that MANNERS are like laws with the exception that there is no established formal system for punishing breaches, other than social deprecation. Good manners are not a sign of snobbery; it is just the opposite – they resemble the art of knowing how not to be a proudy.
Some people believe that “Good manners are just a waste of time in this modern world”. But this saying is absolutely wrong. Good manners ARE UNENFORCED principles of conduct, generally accepted codes for human behavior, conventional norms set by society to make communication among individuals easier. It is not always easy to communicate with people from background other than your own. They all have unwritten norms and behavior standards of which one cannot be aware if he does not know them personally. Moreover, when two separate cultures mix, the occurrence of awkward mistakes becomes inevitable.
It, therefore, represents mere exterior manifestation for a bunch of values and norms inside a society. If not used correctly, they turn into a kind of social statute without a real connection to the modern day world. Nowadays, it is common knowledge that etiquette has declined. News polls reflect public opinion that people, in general, are becoming ruder and more ruthless in their treatment of others. We, however, do not need different pollsters to enlighten us on something we can experience ourselves in our daily lives.
The problem does not originate from a lack of will of contemporary common folk to live...


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