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Jesus - Essay

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Before Jesus the world was full of sin. For example e people were stealing things and lying and murdering other people. So god sent his to earth as the ultimate sacrifice so that we would be forgiven for our sins. The symbol that is represents this belief is sacrifice because Jesus willingly gave his life to get rid of sin. When Jesus died the curtain in the temple split in half. This was a sign that god forgave peoples sins.
Jesus was crucified on the cross and he died on it. Jesus was crucified at a place called the place of the skulls in Golgotha. It was a long and painful death. It took roughly 9 hours for Jesus to die on the cross. The roman soldiers nailed Jesus’ hands and feet to the cross. Jesus was crucified with two other people.   The last words he said before he died was “My god why have you for saken me? “ Many Jews and Romans made fun of him whilst he was on the cross. The placard above his head read the king of the Jews.   They didn’t like it because it offended them because they didn’t accept Jesus as their messiah. The cross is a memorable icon because it helps Christians remember that they are closer to god through Jesus’ death.
On the Sunday after his death Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb but when they arrived at the tomb Jesus wasn’t there. Someone could have stolen his body. For example the Romans and the Jews that didn’t like him or even his disciples could have stolen the body. Christians believe that Jesus came back to life. Christians believe that when you die you go to heaven or hell. Some Christians believe that if you have been good in your life and you believe in god and Jesus then you go to heaven. But if you are bad and don’t believe in god and Jesus then you go to hell.
In my hunger cloth I have included the images of an angel and a devil. One half of the face is a devil and the other side is the face is an angel. I have included the word faith on my hunger cloth because some people have faith in...


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