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Reasons for Going to College

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College shows an important qualification for a successful occupational career:

My decision to go back College has been one of doubt and confusion. I have been in the Army

seven years and I feel like I am behind the power curve. Now that I have made my decision I want to f

fulfill everything that I aspired to do. The Job market is competitive and I want to stay ahead, also I

want to have options with the career that I am in.

Finishing college for every young men and women is very important because it is the final step

towards starting a better life. In numerous companies the graduation is seen with high value. In

addition, a college graduate has the possibility of earning a higher annual salary than people without

higher education. This completely sets apart the value of studies at an intellectual level and what it


A life long fulfillment of Knowledge and methodology from seminars and lectures, from the

construction of the work done in school and home gives way to the promise of success. Lots of jobs

require the kind of specialized training that only a college program can give, from vocational programs

to doctorates. Whether I want to be the best doctor in the hospital or the best nurse in the same

hospital, a degree can help get me there.

Accomplishing my goals will boast the level of confidence one needs to strive in the work force

and day to day life. Things as simple as getting an A on my first college exam, after my return to

school can bolster my over-all well-being and self-confidence in other areas of my life. Technology

changes everyday, and with it, the daily duties of many jobs change as well. Completing my degree

gives me an opportunity to study the changes in my field while updating and improving my

professional skills so I can be competitive in a dynamic market.

Furthermore, I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in social situations. For the rest of my life, I...


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