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The Qualities of Filipinos

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while legal cases include all suits, criminal as well as civil, a controversy is a purely civil proceeding. In this case, we are having a dispute with the Malaysian Federation, People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, and three more countries since there are no legal cases such as a civil indictment which begins when a plaintiff files a document called a complaint with a court, informing the court of the wrong that the plaintiff has allegedly suffered because of the defendant, thus requesting a remedy and a criminal suit which begins when a person suspected of a crime is indicted by a grand jury or otherwise charged with the offense by a government official called a prosecutor.
Presently, the Philippines has four territories where we are standing for a legal claim. These territories are:
1. Macclesfield Bank or Zhongsha Islands is an elongated sunken atoll of underwater reefs and shoals in South China Sea and part of the disputed South China Sea Islands, centered around 16°00′N 114°30′E, east of the Parcel Islands. Macclesfield Bank is claimed by the People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan), and the Philippines. It is located east of the Parcel Islands, distantly southwest of the Pratas Islands and north of the Spratly Islands.
2. Scarborough Shoal, Scarborough Reef, or Panatag Shoal more correctly described as a group of islands and reefs in an atoll shape than a shoal, is located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon, Philippines in the South China Sea. As with most of the landforms in this sea, the sovereignty of the area is disputed. The Philippines, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of China (Taiwan) all lay claim to the shoal. Most references exclude this atoll from inclusion in the Spratly Islands, of which the closest is 350 km to the southwest.
And the other two are the Sabah and Spratly Islands where this paper is about.
Since we are Filipinos, we are supposed to be the ones who know every strand which makes up the topic....


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