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Does Pakistani Society Regard Woman as an Angel in House or Source of All Evil?

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Woman is regarded as an angel in Pakistani society in house.

2.Historical Perspective:
a-Arabs regard for woman before Islam-Islam light for woman

3. Islamic regard for woman:
a-Mother-Paradise under her feet.
b-Daughter-Bless for her father.
c-Sister-a great helper.
d-Wife-Companion of her husband’s life.

4.Woman in Pakistani society:
a-As mother
b-As daughter
c-As sister
d-As wife

5.Role and duties of woman in Pakistani
a-As mother-Awakes nights sleepless for her baby.
b-As daughter-Cares for respect of her father and herself and has great obedience.
c-As sister-helps in education and other activities.
d-As wife serves husband.

6.Consideration for woman as source of all evil due to misconceptions and misunderstandings:
a-Karokari-because of self interests,
b-Sexual harassments-to fulfill ill will.


Yes, Pakistani society regard woman as angel in house because Pakistani society is based on the Islamic ideology and Islam is a religion of peace and regard for rights of all human beings. Before Islam, the Arabs deprived woman from the rights and humiliate her and there was regard for woman as source of all evil. Islamic education converted the people from animals into humans. Islam gives full rights to woman according to the shariah. Pakistan had got independence on the Islamic basis. In Islam women are regarded as angels in house in the shape of mother, daughter, sister and wife. The roles and duties which are performed by woman in Pakistani society confer woman more than angels. Woman is also considered as source of all evils in some areas of Pakistani but due to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Thus, Pakistani society regard woman as an angel in house.

Islam has been playing vital role since beginning for the awareness of the people. Before, Islam the Arabs used to humiliate woman by depriving them from their rights in property or society. They were buried alive. Such...


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