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The year is 2070. The last of the trees have been gone for almost 35years now. The sudden dwindling of trees has left man in a very horrid state of affairs. The atmosphere has been totally destroyed. Thankfully human beings were smart enough to learn to chemically produce oxygen the very source of human life. Without this precious gas all of mankind would have been destroyed. The earth would become as dormant as anyother planet in our solar system. Just as things finally seem to be settling down to some wierd extent of normalcy. Crisis strikes again. With the atmosphere almost fully depleted. Man is left to the mercy of the ruthless sun. There is nothing he can do to save himself after the ozone layer was destroyed some 25 years ago. Diseases like skin cancer has affected a major part of the population. Yes there is a cheap and easy cure for the cancer but the radiation levels are so high children and animals die in the blink of an eye. With the rising mercury levels another major problem arises at such high temperatures water is seemingly becoming so scarce that countries are going to war over the situation. Yes the human body is such that it has evolved over the years to adapt to these conditions but still everyday is a nightmare. The day being hot and the nights freezing cold. The earth herself is turning back to her molten state. The polar ice caps have been melted for over half a century now. Man thought he was a superbeing when he decided that synthetically produced food was more important to him than forests. Now see wierd it has brought him. The children from this day and age have never known what the simple joys of jumping in a pool are. Water is worth a hundred fold it's weight in diamonds. This is the true horror story our future will be if we don't start conserving today
This is what greed will do to us if we don't stop it now. Like a famous person once said "We have not inherited the earth from our parents. But we have borrowed it from our children"....


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