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Sri Jagannath Suprabhatam An Evaluation
Tarakanta Mohanty The book Sri Jagannath Suprabhatam and other stotras written in Sanskrit with English commentary has been authored by a retired I.A.S officer of Orissa cadre Shri S.Sundarrajan, twentynine years back at Sambalpur on 2.9.80. Many seers and saints of India as well as poets of Orissa have eulogised Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe in their thought provoking stotras and lyrics. Among them prominent are Shankaracharya 9th century A.D. Kavi Jayadev of Orissa of thirteenth century, Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja (1670 to 1720) Dinakrushna Das (1666 to 1713) Kabisurya Baladev Rath (1789 to 1845) poet Salbeg (seventeeth century). After Shankaracharya's (Kadachit Kalindi Tata Bipine, Mudavirinari Bandana Kamala Swada Madhupa--Jagannath Swami Nayana Pathagami Bhabatu me eulogizing Lord Jagannath in his slokam and poet Jagadeva's Dasavtar stotram "Pralaya Payodhi Jale Dhrutabanas Bedam--Jaya Jagannatha Hare. Shri Sundarrajan's eulogizing of Jagannath, Shri Purosottama Hare Achyuta Suprabhatam is a very popular sloka written in the twentieth century. This booklet has four parts-(1) Shri Jagannatha Suprabhatam with 29 slokas. (2) Shri Jagannatha stotram having 11 slokas, Shri Jagannatha Saranagati Stotram having 108 slokas and Shri Jagannath Mangala Sasanak having 14 slokas with English Commentaries.

Those who have written 'Foreward' of this booklet are of the opinion that "The lucid composition, fitting expressions and masterly style would impress even reader. A powerful reader is bound to be enchanted and overwhelmed by the elegance and thought provoking composition. Shri Sundararrajan is one fittingly to be counted in the line of our traditional poets. They are of the opinion that there is "Suprabhatam for many of our deities, like Venkatesa Suprabhatam but Sri Jagannath Suprabhatam was wanting. Shri Sundarrajan has accomplished it. It would indeed be appropriate that the Suprabhatam be daily recited in...


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