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American Imperialism in the nineteenth century was favorable. There where several factors that led to the adoption of imperialism, which will be discussed in this paper. The events that led up to the change, as well as major events that occurred in the same time line will also be discussed.   Although the policy was popular, there where many   that was against the policy with a league of anti-imperialist. The of the results of American imperialism and the impact it has on the twentih century will go unforgotten nor duplicated.

      According to our text, Nation of nations (2006), the policy of imperialism was adopted because “the technology of arms and the networks of communication, transportation, and commerce brought the prospect of effective, truly global empires within much closer reach” (pg. 599).

      “Americans preferred a more indirect imperialism: one that exported products, ideas, and influence. To them, this American imperialism seemed somehow purer, for they could portray Americans as bearers of long-cherished values: democracy, free enterprise capitalism, and Protestant Christianity. While Americans tried to justify imperial control in the name of such values, social, economic, and political forces were drawing them rapidly into the imperial race. The growth of industrial networks linked them to international markets as never before, whether they were Arkansas share-croppers dependent on world cotton prices or Pittsburgh steelworkers whose jobs were made possible by orders for Singer sewing machines for Europe, China, and the Hawaiian Islands. As economic systems became more tightly knit and political systems more responsive to industrialists and financiers, a rush for markets and distant lands was perhaps unavoidable” (2006, pg. 599).
To the best of my knowledge, I would say the American Imperialism was rationalized using the Social Darwinism theory. Also according to our text, “scholars, academics, and scientists came racial theories to...


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