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Love for Bulleh Shah

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Love of God is one of the distinctive notes of mysticism. It is eager outgoing activity whose driving power is generous love: not the absorbent, in drawing activity which strives only for new knowkedge that is fruitful in the spiritual s well in the physical world.
So basically, the purpose of Bulleh shah’s poetry is to accept the reality of God and to have a direct connection of soul with him, just to make as quest for his eternity. He also discussed about the flow of blessings of God on the world. He has this basic message in his poetry that there is a connectivity of soul with God consciously or unconsciously, as one who is able to attach himself to God during his lifetime, is a man in a state of God’s bliss, free from all delusions. The only way to get salvation is the walk on the way to God.
Bulleh Shah`s life and poetry encourage us to take the road that leads to real happiness and salvation, one that is not conditional to material or monetary achievements. In order to achieve true inner peace one must resort to austerity and think beyond the luxuries and alluring pleasures of this mortal and momentary world. Bulleh Shah provides us an example of the courage that is required to undergo the severest hardships to reach the ultimate spiritual goal.


Perfect love puts the lover in a state of ecstasy and bliss. He becomes impervious to the joys and sorrows to the world. For the people of the world such a one appears to be crazy and off his head, and yet he is not only self-sufficient, but also earns an honorable place in the court of his beloved. With the mystic experience of being in God’s presence, all his questions and doubts are resolved. All religious quarrels and disputes become irrelevant for him. He sees and proclaims the presence of the lord in every one that he perceives, and he revels in the state of perfect bliss.

Baba Bulleh...


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