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Kids Fitness

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Kids Fitness: Considerations in Program Design and Motivation
There are two sets of children in this world: the kids that are active and hyperactive, then there are the children who sit inside watching television all day. The difference between the two – other than their activity level – is probably their weight and health. Especially at such a young age, a child’s health is the most important aspect that you must take into consideration. The simplest and easiest way of keeping a child healthy is by keeping them active. At the same time, various factors prevent the child from being active. For example watching television as mentioned above. The child needs the proper program design and motivation in order to keep themselves going. Program design and motivation are important in order to improve performance in technique, endurance and in the effort the kids make while playing sports.
First, we must take into consideration the different techniques that you could use in each physical activity or sport. Program design is an element that you could use to improve the techniques kids use in sports. Games such as hopscotch and tag are developed with many different kinds of techniques that help the kids succeed in the way they are playing. In the game Hopscotch there are seven squares drawn on the floor. In usual hopscotch games, the blocks go two, one, two, one, one, and one. For every set of two blocks, you may place both of your feet on each block. On a single block, you can only use one foot and balance on that block until you hop onto the next set of squares. The alternating usage of both feet then one foot teaches kids the technique of coordination and balance. Hopscotch is a simple game that gets children so involved in the game. They will place full attention only on balancing their feet within the squares. These simple games and exercises help the kids stay focused allowing them to progress in their skill levels. The little techniques they use in both hopscotch...


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