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The Benefit of Reading Novel for English Literature Students in Translation Class

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The Benefit of Reading Novel for English Literature Students in Translation Class
Maria Oktaviarini
Sanata Dharma University Jogjakarta

This paper describes a research about the effect of reading novel that usually does by each student in English Literature Department. The writer wants to tell about how the activity may improve their skill in translating text. the writer will take a class of students in English Literature Department in 6th semester as the subject. This Paper also describes the result of a questionnaire to find the answer of the question that the writer has said before.

Some lecturer said that more we read book, so more we know many things included how to interpret some sentences or and books. By reading books of course we try to find the main meaning that the books tell to us. Then, as students who are study in English Department, we find many kinds of text book in English. It also happens in students in English Literature. Many of them read novel that written in English to fulfill their assignment or just to spend their time. In reading book that written in English, of course it will be difficult if we do not know the meaning of each vocabulary. Besides that, it also spends more time if we translate for every sentence in the book. It is so time consuming. Then from this paper the writer wants to do a research for students in English Literature about the effect of reading novel in their translation class. The writer wants to get the answer of how does reading novel help them in order to improve their skill in translation.
To conduct this research, the writer will give them a questionnaire. By answering the questionnaire, it helps the writer to analyze of its effect. There are only seven questions in a questionnaire to answer for each student. So, in the answering the questionnaire the students will not many time. The research also may help the reader later, if the reader is a teacher or lecturer in other English...


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