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The Prophetic Events of the Past One Hundred Years, the Present Global Situation, Apocalyptic Predictions and Offer the Opinion About the Future.

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There was pretty much prophetic events, in hundred years, which did not come true. It counts 55 doomsdays in last one hundred years which didn’t came. And there’s about 10-15 doomsdays which waiting for us in next 2 thousand years. Majority of people do not afraid of those days, accordingly to hundreds of doomsday which didn’t come true. But there’s still people which believe in future days of judgment. Most expected doomsday is going to be on 2012, 12.21-23 according to Mayan Calendar. It predicts switch of Earth poles, which will lead to global warming and melting of ices. The level of oceans and seas will increase dramatically, it provides flood that forecasts death of ~99.5% of humanity. Some people says that we should prepare ourselfs, just in case. Build as many arks as we can, to give chance to survive for many people. Also there is a group of people which think that this “end” is acceptable as an end of humanity, and they are waiting for it with encouragement. Thoughts about the fact that they will be the last one generation of humanity, who stays alive on whole earth is satisfying. I think that this point of view is called with films-catastrophe. Like 2012 movie. Everybody wants some impressions. And most of those people thinks that they will survive, as main characters of modern Hollywood movies.
    I think people are just afraid to die. No one knows exactly what happens after you pass away. And about doomsday, no one wants to die alone so what better way to die then with the rest of the world. Every day is the day of doomsday. We have crises, floods, global fires, diseases, wars, genocide all over the world. Which also lead to human deaths and suffering. The second World War has taken about 70 millions people away. Flood in China in 1931 has killed over 3.700.000 people. We just need to turn on TV, and we’ll find that people and and huge amount of animals are dying today. So we have today doomsday. We need to think about today. Humanity getting...


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