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sorry for this but had reallA community refers to a group of people living together with a common attachment to their place of residence. It is a place where people encounter one another ‘face to face’ (Maser, 1997). It also refers to a partially delimited ‘territorial entity of indeterminate scale’ and also an ‘evocative idea, used to refer to a place or sense of calm, refuge and harmony’ (Johnston, 1985:61).
The concept Community development is the new paradigm of development that focuses on participatory methodologies and ensures the involvement of the community in the decision making process. It also encourages the use of practical and generalist skills, on locally derived revenues (Maser, 1997; Abott, 1995; Hawken, 1983). It is also a process of organisation, facilitation and action that allow people to create a community in which they want to live through a conscious process of self-determination (Maser, 1997). It also operates successfully within the specific environment where the government is open for community involvement in the decision-making process (Abott, 1995).
The term empowerment has many meanings and uses (Rappaport, 1961). However, it is common to view empowerment as a process in which a person or community gives or gets power from another. The notion is that power originates outside the person or community, who gives or gets it from another.   There is always another person or community that can become empowered. However, the key is for people to recognize and act upon the power or potential power that they already have (Checkoway, 1995). Empowerment is also termed as gaining of strength, confidence and vision to work for positive changes (Eade, 1997).
Sustainability refers to the conservation of natural resources and a sense of obligation to future generations (Becker & Jahn, 1999). It relates to the capacity of an organization or set of activities to become self-supporting (Eade & Williams, 1995). Shepherd...


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