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Good and Bad Memories

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When I think about high school, I have both good and bad memories.During high school, the future seemed very far away.   Now that I’m older, I think about those days a lot.   I remember things that I wish I hadn’t done or had done differently.   I also remember things I did and would never change.

I have only one regret about the time I spent in high school.   I should have taken more advanced classes.   For example, I had the opportunity to take an advanced English class, but decided to take the regular class.   I made that decision because I didn’t want to study too hard.   I also wanted to spend more time with my friends.   Now I’m in college and have to take a beginning English class.   I wish I’d studied harder in high school!

I’m glad that I had an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.   I was a member of the gymnastics team.   We practiced every day after school and had competitions on Saturdays.   We even won several competitions!   My teammates became my good friends.   Now I know that extracurricular activities are important because you can learn about responsibility, discipline, and teamwork. But life has learned me the no one can have every thing at the same time. And I believe that Allah gave us what is convenient and suffecient taste value of our being.

Good and bad experiences area part of everyone’s high school years.   Is it possible to learn from these experiences?   I think it is because even the bad ones help to prepare you for the future.


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