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My Personal Development Based on Erik Erikson's Theory

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I may explain my personal development can be explained by choosing erik erikson and jane lovingers theory that I always have to get ready for stuff that is actually required to do such as homework or studying for the test.   Also I may experienced intimacy versus isolation which is being able to merge your identity with someone else’s without losing yourself in the process meaning that I definitely can date someone b ut not losing control of myself when whatever happnes. But I never challenged was generativity versus stagnation which is deciding how to make an individual contribution to society in the next stage of life because I never even thought about being alone what so ever.

I am really confident with the future life as long as I become on right track in the ones that I study such as hospitality etc which helps me when I meet a lot of people and try new things. Getting old age isnt really my problem since ive had a lot experiences in highschool with younger students. Also one of my dream job is to become a really nice father who cares about his family but also work too so my family doesn’t starve when I actually try.

According to Erikson, the ego identity is constantly changing in response to experience and information acquired through daily interactions in society. In addition to ego identity, Erikson hypothesized that competence is in itself motivation for certain behaviors and actions. As such, each stage in Erikson’s theory is concerned with achieving competency. Successful completion of each stage leaves an individual with a sense of mastery referred to as ego strength or ego quality. Which is what im going to try


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