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Obesity 15

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During the 1800’s thru the mid 1920’s it wasn’t common to
see obese people, it was a sign of wealth. Did you know that
obesity is one of the most common “diseases” not only in America
but in the world today? The reason for diseases to be in
quotations is because I believe that doctors tell these people  
this so they don’t’ feel depressed. I also feel that
people who are obese tend to start at a very young age; it’s
solely do to how they were brought up. As they age it tends to
be ingrained in their ways. The intake of greasy fatty
foods does not help the process.
It is important for these people to be observant of what
they do and what they eat. Obese people tend to walk around with
their heads down and seem to be unhappy. Being obese can affect
not only your health but also your job, your family and your
love life.
Doctors play a big role in how obese people are. I think
that with the amount of obese people in this world, doctors have
gotten tired of telling them, if they keep it up they will
have back problems, heart failure, knee problems and eventually
will not be able to walk. It seems that a majority of these
people do not really take into count what their doctors are
saying. I feel doctors tell them they have a disease, makes them
feel like they have an easy way out. It makes these people have
an excuse now for being Obese, a majority of people that have
this “disease” tend to make/want people to feel sorry for them.
Parents are one of the main starting points and reasons for
people to end up obese. Parents do not make their children
be active and healthy. It has been proven that people are
ingrained in their ways from the teachings of their parents. I
understand that parents are busy with work and other projects,
but it is important for them to keep their child active. There
are programs out there that emphasizes 60 minutes a day for
children being outdoors and being active. Parents...


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