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Lady Luck

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Mohana Preesha a/p Partheeban 5sn5

We have all had those moments of clarity where we pause to think where did we go wrong when something turns out bad or after we had just survived an awful day. One must always remember life is full of ups and downs, with that in mind, anyone could endure the obstacles life throws at them. In my case, it is what some would refer as an unlucky day or the day lady luck closes her eyes to their troubles. Such a day happened to me, probably the worst anyone could imagine. Being the eldest in the family, I held great responsibities as well as hopes. That was not the only reason why I signed myself up for the job offered by Impiana Cooperation; a company which promises you immediate wealth without risks. Since their offer seemed very tempting and due to the fact that I could make everyone around me proud, I applied for the job. I had marked the date for my interview which was on the 20th of October.

I sincerely hoped I had all the qualifications they were looking for in a candidate. Working in a company that holds the highest ranking in business is not what a fresh graduate like me would go   for, but I did. I tried to push all the nagging thoughts that were accompanying me then, but my father was doing the exact opposite. He kept discouraging me not to apply for a job there, afraid I might not be able to cope with the workaholic environment. Well, this is what I considered a bad start. I had a huge row with dad and he never brought up the topic again. I cleared everything out of my mind before the day for my interview. Adrenaline was shooting across my body at the thought of Impiana Cooperation.   My interview was set at 10 in the morning but when I woke up the next day, it was way past 9 in the morning.

I needed an hour to reach there! My alarm had not rung. I threw the clock right then, groping for my toiletries . by the time I reached the bus station, the bus I was set to on board had left and I had to stand under...


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