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Test Engineering

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TEST 1 BEE10202 – Engineers and Society (S1 & S2)
Date/Time/Venue: 24 Aug 2010/2.00 – 3.00/BK-B7
Answer the all questions. (100 Marks)

Q1 Define engineer. (5 marks)
Q2 In your opinion, how does a scientist differ from an engineer? (5 marks)
Q3 List two (2) engineering society in Malaysia (10 marks)
Q4 List two (2) factors why did the industrial revolution first take place in Britain? (10 marks)
Q5 List some of the most significant contribution on achievements of engineering in the 20th century for computer and electronic fields. (10 marks)
Q6 With the current and future worlds demand and supply of energy, why do you think renewable energy sources are important? (10 marks)
Q7 List three (3) weaknesses of the renewable energy sources. (15 marks)
Q8 List five (5) renewable energy sources in Malaysia. (15 marks)
Q9 Describe the three indicators of science and technology development according to WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization. (15 marks)
Q10 What is sustainable development as defined by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development? (5 marks)

Q1 Answer: (5 marks)
    • An engineer is a person professionally engaged in a field of engineering
    • A vocation (profession) whose principal duty is to serve mankind
    • Applying knowledge to create practical devices, structures and processes
Q2 Answer: (5 marks)
      A scientist aims to seek knowledge while an engineer aims to apply the knowledge
Q3 Answer: (10 marks)
      • The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) was founded in 1959. IEM is a learned society for engineers, and it also performs accreditation for engineering degree programs.
      • The Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM), on the other hand, is responsible for registering engineers.
Q4 Answer: (10 marks)
      o Britain was rich in coal and iron ore, resources to fuel the industries
      o Several broad and far-reaching changes in Britain’s traditionally agrarian society and a...


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