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  By age 30 I plan to be a Paramedic. Paramedics are heroes in a sense because they rush to where there has been an accident, fire, someone that is seriously injured or a natural disaster and provide immediate fast and effective medical care and get a patient to the nearest hospital. There are multiple levels of paramedic and I hope to go through all of them.
  The kind of treatment a Paramedic provides depends on their level of training. First I must become an Emergency Medical Attendant a.k.a. Emergency Medical Responder. They only do the basic injuries such as wounds and broken bones, open airways and give oxygen. Then I plan to be a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) which are also called Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) which deal with more life-threatening things such as heart attacks. They can also give some types of antibiotics.
  I then plan on going back to school to become an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) are a bit more qualified than PCPs; they can do more complicated procedures and can administer more medication. Then become a Critical Care Paramedic (CCP), they are the ones who are responsible for critically injured or ill during land or air transportation.
  In order to reach any of these positions you must get the proper education. Community colleges, hospitals and emergency service organizations all have special training for paramedics. For that you need to take sciences throughout high school and physical education. So that means grade nine and ten science, and then your senior sciences (Biology, chemistry, physics). Along with physical education, exercise science and even fitness if you can. You also need to have good leadership, decision making, people-skills, and must be fit, a team worker and thrive under pressure. A strong stomach also helps too.
  As a first level paramedic, I would earn anywhere from about twenty dollars an hour to about 30 dollars an hour. Of course pay determines on level of experience and position. So as...


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