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Abstract Project #1

Ross Gordon, Anne Marie Mackintosh, Crawford Moodle (2010). The Impact of Alcohol Marketing on Youth Drinking Behaviour: A two-stage Cohort study.

1) Purpose of the Experiment
The purpose of this experiment is to examine whether awareness of involvement with alcohol and marketing at age 13 is predictive of drinking. A questionnaire survey was administrated for data gathered on multiple forms of alcohol marketing. By doing this, researches can distinguish if marketing of alcohol has an increase intake or decrease.

2) Experimental Hypothesis
The researches believed that the association between involvement with, and awareness of, alcohol marketing, and drinking uptake or increased drinking frequency.

3) Method

a. Research Participants
Kids from ages 12-14 years old, mean age 13.
In one local authority area, the invitations were mailed to respondents homes. In two local authorities, schools were asked to distribute the packs to pupils to take home. Of the 920 baseline respondents, 552 were followed up 2 years later when in fourth year from the ages of 14-16 years, mean age 15. 50% male (n=275) and 50% female (n = 277). (41% n = 224), were middle class, and (59% n = 326). White 94%, 3% asians, 1% mixed race, 1% black, 1% chinese. Religious identification, most were christian 65%, no religion, 31%, 3% muslim, and 1% other.

b. Measurements
The measures that were used in this study were based upon a review of the youth drinking literature. Questionnaires and the requirement to include a number of measures assessing marketing awareness and involvement, some measures, such as parental control was not included in the study. The variables that were included are: Demographic and school-related control variables, ( Data were recorded on age, gender, social grade, ethnicity, and religion) which was rated on a five point scale, Drinking-related control variables,(drinking among parents, siblings and friends was...


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