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The Verb “to Have” and Its Equivalents in Vietnamese

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Table of content
Part I: Introduction
1. Reasons for choosing the topic
2. Aims of the study
3. Methods of the study
4. Scope of the study
Part II: Content
1. “To have” in the sense of possess
  1. In the sense of “own” or “possess”
  2. In the sense of “own” or “possess”
  3. Possession mental and emotional qualities
1.4. Family relationships
1.5. Illness
1.6. Contact with other people
1. “To have” with other meaning
  1. “To have” in the sense of receiving
  2. Have in the sense of eat or drink
  3. “To have” in the sense of organize
2.4. “To have “ in the sense of take part in
2.5. “To have” in the sense of enjoy, experience
  6. “To have” in the sense of encounter
  7. “To have” in the sense of understand/ know
2.8. “To have” in the sense of buy or take
3. “To Have” as an empty verb
4. “Have” in Imperative
Part III. Conclusion
1. Conclusion
2. Learning implications
3. Teaching implications

Part I: Introduction
1. Reasons for choosing the topic
Nowadays, English has become one of the most important international languages in the world. The number of people who communicate and use it as the first language has been increasing day by day. In Vietnam, everyone is aware of the role of English in their life or their jobs, so the need of learning English has been popular in all areas. To meet that need, many English teaching-learning centre are opened, the quality of training course is quite good. This is one of the good signals the Government should care about. English is used in many fields such as politics, economics especially the system of international education. But to learn English is not easy for Vietnamese learners. One verb may have a lot of different meanings depending on the context that verb has its own meaning and this causes great difficulties to learners. “To have” is a verb that the students always confuse about when (they are) asked to...


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