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Stacy Birdsong

English Composition I

Fallon Lucas

June 26, 2011

The familiar notes of a piano begin, mothers cry, doors open, everyone stands,
stares and here comes the bride; all dressed in white. I can hear my stomach growling. I
knew I should have eaten earlier. It doesn’t help that the bride’s dress reminds me of my
favorite, vanilla cream frosting cupcake. I should have eaten! No one has said anything
about her five year old daughter posing as “flower girl”. No one made mention the
“groom” is not the child’s father. No one cares. Are we still to believe this bride is a
maiden of virtue? Both parties meet, exchange words of from now and forever, which we
translate to mean from now or until the foreseeable future ends. I know I should be paying
attention but, I cannot stop my stomach from growling. Is it just me? When did I
become so cynical? I hope no one can see what I am thinking. These poor people are
not even finished their wedding ceremony and I have already divided assets.

The realities of love and marriage have certainly changed from the days of our
parents and grandparents. The realities of mundane task, day to day life can shake the
strongest foundation. Statistics shows Americans have a 66% higher divorce rate than any
other country. Have we become so pre occupied we have forgotten the simplest
mannerism in which we treat each other? Countries such as Sweden and Poland have
made “pre-marital counseling” mandatory. Critics argue mandated laws remove the very process of democracy America is built on. So, what?


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